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Suzy (#86584), when seeing your card, I immediately thought of those keylines! I am sure you will use that technique again! If you want to make it a quarter-fold card, you might have to crop it to fit your printer. (#86722) Maybe I got that font in a free bundle at one point or another. Keep an eye on Creative Fabrica, and you might see it in a future bundle.

Bill (#86586), to color the ribbon, there are two typical ways: Colorize and Hue/Saturation/Lightness. You can read more about it in this article (even if it illustrates lace, the same techniques apply for other elements).

Sharla (#86607), that design behind the little images give such a great effect. I see you also duplicated the ribbon to put the text in two lines. Creative and effective.

Chris (#86618), I am sure I have seen and commented on those cards. Maybe they were in previous “pages” of the thread? Using a photo on the left side is very creative and gives a great result. (#86631) That texture can give a great effect for backgrounds of any color. Maybe you could colorize the grey boxes so they match the rest of the card? Maybe a peach color? (#86633) That is a fun card. Are we invited?

Jnet (#86574), that is a very creative way to use the template. You can get many different cards using such modifications.

Ann (#86630), so simple but very elegant!

Kasany (#86643), that is such a good idea to use the squares for window panes. I never thought of that!

Ann (#86645), although you can use the same card over and over again, I am sure you can easily tweak it for individual recipients.

Susan (#86646), I could certainly imagine most of these cards in a greeting cards display at the store!

Marie-Claire (#86653), such a beautiful traditional card!

Trish (#86665), that slight overlap of the leaves over the frame and the small squares create such a great effect. (#86715) those silhouettes are such a great idea! I might suggest you move the streamer in front of the squares and the frame? (#86721) Those peeking characters are so cute!

Leslie (#86667), that is a fantastic card. Do you plan on printing it? (#86680) Nice way to use alternating colors!

Sheila (#86670), you will surely have other occasions to use that technique. If something is unclear or not working as you expect, don’t hesitate to ask.

Lynda (#86672) did you paint those images? Watercolors are great on greeting cards.

Bonnie (#86675), hopefully, you don’t have to many sick or injured friends to use this card!

Anita (#86676), yummy!! Those sprinkles add some interesting details. Maybe you can add a little shadow on them?

Mary (#86682), wow!!! What a different way to use that template. Those diamonds look great!!

Corrie (#86698), that is a very interesting font! Glad to see you use those angels!

Nancy (#86705), yes it might be simple but it is very elegant!

Gerry (#86709), I love that font. I have it installed and love using it too.

Sue (#86710), those subtle colors are still very seasonal without being overpowering.

Louyse (#86712), since the papers and elements have obvious shadows, maybe you could consider adding some for your little squares too?

Christine (#86717), where did you get that great image? Perfect for the season!

Lesley (#86719), what version of PSP are you using? Since many versions, there is a thumbnail for each layer so that can help. And you can customize the size of that thumbnail if it could help.

James (#86726), these lessons are just like learning a recipe. It is ok to follow it to the letter so you can tweak it later, but also ok to be creative.

Lois (#86729), those gnomes are so cute!!! Good idea to use the back to add more design!

It is such a pleasure to see all the creativity you are showing and how you tweak and change the starting template and end up with something totally new!