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Christine, you did a great job for a rookie, but it does take a long time, doesn’t it?  I’m not even a rookie and I bet I spent 5 hours on this stupid thing!

Lesley, same here!  I can’t even see, so when I add a new layer, I actually do not use the default “Raster 1” or whatever, I use something like “Border”or the exact text, e.g. on my card “Get Well Soon”.  That helps a little bit. Not a lot but a little!  Carole is a fan of “groups”, so pay attention to those. She might have 5 or 6 layers in a group, so that shortens the long list by a lot.

I really want that font, Holiday Melodine?, but it’s a little too expensive. I didn’t see the bundle!


Bonnie  gave me this idea, thank you! — for everybody at the Daffodil Society meeting to sign!

Ok. I pretty much have no idea how to get it in the forum from the gallery, so here goes!Get Well Soon Card 3


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