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If it were me, and I agree, the round shape would look a lot better, I would look for the kit that paper originally came in and try to use that. If not a paper, then look at the things they call templates. (Which I would call a pattern overlay.)

If you can’t find it, then copy a couple of large squares from the red background and past them over the shapes, lining up the dots, and see how it looks. (If it’s possible, or if there are gradients that mess it up.). If it’s possible, I would spend a 1/2 hour doing that. It will take about 20-30. Don’t expect to go across the bottom and just plunk it down over it because the lines will show up as a pattern which will need to be disguised. Use the clone brush on another layer to tidy things up, like faint lines in the pattern. When you have the bg absolutely perfect, get it all in one layer before you do anything else, and save it as a new file.

The little text things can be cut, copied and pasted directly from that QP. Same with the “string” for the ornaments, and the little Star at the bottom, unless you have something better or can make something better.

Pardon me if you think I’m butting in, but this is the one PSP trick at which I excel.  🙂