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Susan Ewart
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Wow! unbelievable cards from everyone.  Ideas I would never have thought of.  It’s so enjoyable to log on and see what’s new.  Like Monique, I’d to comment on all of them.

Chris, I love your darker cards (#86618) and thanks for going to darker side with me.  I was thinking of going with black cardstock and envelope this year (I would have to print and affix the print though, more work but would look cool).

Monique, thank you so much, my heart is singing from the highest mountain right now (I live close to the Rocky Mountains, so they mighty high).

Carole, I did use that darker (low key) image in a Christmas card in the past. But as a photo print on glossy for a crisp feel, that I attached the folded cardstock.  If I do print the card I’d have to go to a outsources printer, unless I had my dream Epson printer ($$$$), then I would use a coated stock that handles blacks well.