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Bill (#86487), that looks just like a postcard! And yes, on Lesson 2, you get the tutorial to create a “back”.

Susan (#86488), very unusual colors for a Christmas card, but definitely effective. I hope you have a great printer OR you send ecards with that much black! (#86489), that is a wonderful photo you took. Definitely worth using in a card for everyone to see!

Anita (#86494), beautiful card. I think you will have some happy recipients!

John (#86500), great start if this is a first project for you. May I suggest you try black shadows instead of white shadows? Although white is ok, give a try to black ones as it will add to the realism.

Sue (#86522), it is a fun detail that you have used for the word Greetings. I was hoping for a way to automatically add images from the gallery to the forum (and vice versa), but it is not possible. I wish! (#86573), you are ahead with Easter! The corner punches is part of an upcoming tutorial 😉

Kasany (#86528), considering that the image is fairly light, you might want to consider adding a shadow layer, even if it is not a “realistic” shadow, it would make your text stand out, a bit like in this article.

James (#86529), great choice of image! This is just the first of many cards, I hope! (#86559), you are more than allowed to modify the templates and NOT follow the tutorials to the letter! It is even encouraged! That is a good idea to include the photo of the birthday girl.

Dianne (#86531), you have a very good point about printing. Thank you for your insight. If you want to use the templates given, you can always work only on a front cover and use them as ecards!

Trish (#86540), it is a cute idea to add something other than just a solid color to the back.

Louyse (#86543), this is such a cute birthday card! good work.

Lois (#86547), welcome to the workshop. Nice card to get you started. Looking forward to the next ones.

Lyn (#86551), that is a perfect timing to create several cards for those recipients.

Sheila (#86553), a simple yet very elegant card!

Anne (#86556), it almost looks like an ice cream cone!

Corrie (#86558), great to see a card that is a different theme than mine.

Bonnie (#86561), once you follow the tutorial closely, I am sure you will fly on your own quickly!

Gerry (#86564), that is the best way to customize a card to the recipient’s preferences and interests.

Donna (#86570), that gradient is very effective. I like those different cupcakes.

Linda (#86578), that is a perfect theme for the week. I had not even thought about it (our Thanksgiving in Canada was in October)

As mentioned in the thread, it is amazing to see how varied the projects are, even though they started with the same template! Keep them coming.