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I am very happy to see everyone posting, and I hope to see even more posts.

Welcome to our regulars: Susan E, Corrie, Ann, Bonnie, Marie-Claire, Donna S, Sue, Anita, Cristina, Michele, Jnet, Linda, Sharla, Kasany, Trish, Susan C, Dawn, Suzy, Monique, Nancy, Deana, Harmony, Lynda, Cindy H, Nana, Lyn, Hank, Louyse, Mary, Leslie, Gerry.

A special welcome to new posters: Donna, Roni, Cindy S, John.

Jnet (#86435), beautiful photo. Yes, we will be getting snow soon enough!

Hank (#86443), I see you turned the rectangle template to a square card. That is great example of customization.

Sharla (#86445), such a delicate card. Good work.

Suzy (#86448), nice idea to use the striped paper. It makes it pop!

Louyse (#86451), such fun elements used to decorate your card.

Ann (#86455), although my brain is uneasy to see shadows on the “other side”, it certainly makes total sense with the photo you are showcasing.

Mary (#86458), I am glad to see that you are creating a different card than the theme I used. Each card will have a different theme in the tutorials, so we should also see a wide variety of cards in the next few days.

Leslie (#86462), such a clever idea! A card can be turned into a business card or an ID tag. Let us know how the event goes!

Cindy (#86463), great!!! You are doing so well with your PSP and your projects.

Gerry (#86465), Creative Fabrica certainly has a lot of cute designs to choose from! And it is nicely showcased.

Donna (#86467) that gradient paper definitely helps showcase those other decorations. Great work.

Corrie (#86469), another great example of customization. The same template can be flipped to get something that looks different.

Dawn (#86471), that is a beautiful image. And I am happy to see this template used for a different theme than the Christmas card that I used.

 Trish (#86473), did you blend in multiple images or what the picture like that? It looks great.

Bonnie (#86479), I have a feeling one of your pickleball friends will get a surprise card in the near future!

Keep them coming. Don’t be shy.

Remember that you can add your projects in the gallery too. The gallery will become a central location to browse and get inspired.