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Rene Marker
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Gee Bonnie, I grew up learning that Ohio was the “Mother of Presidents” because of the number of presidents elected that were from Ohio. We were taught that 8 presidents were from Ohio. When I just googled it, it seems that both states can claim William Henry Harrison. He resided in Ohio when elected even though he was born in the Virgina colony.

But what is interesting is that most lists use a president’s state of birth in determining where they were from. So if you look at it as a president actually being born in a state, 5 of Virginia’s don’t count because they were born before we were even a country (of course that does make sense). That includes William Henry Harrison. However, all 7 of Ohio’s presidents were born after 1776.

I just spent over 45 minutes looking into this further. Love these deep dives where I learn things even at my age!