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“You own PSP, now learn how to harness its power through classes and instruction.”


I 100% could have written this paragraph by Sharla, not that it’s important, just that term Scrapbooking sort of turned me off, too, even though I was sort of scrapping at the time. (It was actually scrapping genealogy books, like my grandmother’s line. The genealogy scrap kits available for sale were all DULL and BROWN. I just thought I could make better looking stuff on my own.)


I joined to learn more about digital scrapbooking just to do something different with PSP other than photo editing. What I’ve discovered is, that whilst scrapbooking is interesting, the real substance of the campus (for me) is learning how to use PSP. If I had known how much information was available on PSP via the great tutorials and masterclasses I would have got involved sooner. Ironically, the spotlight on scrapbooking is what put me off.”