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I agree that rebranding is a big job and only needs to be done with absolutely necessary. Although it crossed my mind for about 2 minutes, no, I don’t plan on rebranding. I just want to be able to speak to whoever I can help with this site and its content. And all those discussions are exactly what I need. I can get the feel of what you were looking for in the first place, and even comments stating that the word “scrapbooking” was putting you off in the first place is perfect: it means that even though the name might not change, the language might change in the pages and in the emails so that non-scrapbookers can also feel as welcome in the first place.

I still plan on having scrapbooking projects, but as you have seen in the past, things like calendars and greeting cards are also in the mix so it just gives me more ideas.

So, a big thank you!