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cindy harris
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OH MY Lanta,

What Corrie said, and what Bonnie said and  what Ann said  what Everyone’s said Your all Awesome and so

wonderful.      YOUR ALL THE BEST

how bout I know you have some Pictures

best hobby come to Caroles for Instruction, So many Perks could name them a long time

in a Nutshell give it a try and see for yourself,  Try all for Free   or  get full memebership for 1 dollar,  Why because

its the Best, hobby, Campus, Store, everything You can find right here  Come You will see.

thats all I thought and I still need to talk to the kids they are allways so busy in sports, and music lessons

Thats another line I wanted to put in Be well rounded with Instruction behind You, youll never be alone.   All have the best ideas 🙂