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Susan Ewart
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Wow, I haven’t check into this forum for a bit.  A lot to digest.

I like the name Scrapbook Campus.  I agree with so many of your thoughts, and Sue, absolutely, I agree.  This name is special to me as well.  No, I am not a scrapbooker, but I did work at many shows (“crops” they were called) for a retailer and have been a papermaker, bookbinder,paper artist in the past.  Even in my silversmithing and glass fusing days I marveled at the what great amount of the tools the scrapbook industry as brought to us.  So while, I am not a scrapbooker perse, I greatly appreciate the ones who are and are grateful for what they have brought to the craft world (all types of craft mediums).

I found the Scrapbook Campus because I was wanting to learn how to use PSP for photo editing only.  I was way too narrow minded and the Campus opened me up to a whole new world I never thought possible.  Learning through following a scrapbook layout style is fabulous because you work through techniques and build a finished product.  Just because I learned under the guise of scrapbooking doesn’t mean I’m not creative enough to take those techniques into another style.  As an example.  I watch a lot of tutorials on portrait and fashion photography. I am not or never will be a people photographer, but,  Light is Light and what I learned there I can take to my studio, or outside and apply the same techniques.  Just like you can do with what you learned in the Campus.  BTW…look at your local flyers and newspapers these days, they are adding shadows that they they never did before…that is thanks to one of the biggest craft industries there is, scrapbooking.

I say, keep the name, you’ve worked years on that branding.  And use the phrases you’ve found here for marketing  going forward.  I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s phrases especially Sharla and Suzy’s.  Good job.  Why/when did Scrapbooking get such a bad name.

My name is Susan Ewart and I am a Digital Scrapbooker!

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