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Sue Thomas
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Personally I wouldn’t change the name,  and why should Carole do that.  It’s her  ‘baby’ after all, so to speak.  If the campus was my creation, I would have sentimental value attached to the title, and  other emotional attachments to it. Plus the fact that it was her love for scrapbooking that sparked the birth of the Scrapbook Campus.  I would on the other  hand do exactly what Rene suggested, which  I feel  would suffice, as today the majority of people tend to  go by pictorial rather than  word publicity when looking for something in particular. In order to attract a wider audience, and that is to   change the home page to  include as much as possible, that suites everyone’s  creative needs.  As I said in one of  my phrases  to cover a ‘ broad spectrum”

When I posted my phrases, they were meant to target all creative activities, and not specifically to scrapbooking.

I do a wide range of activities, all of which are covered in the campus tutorials.   Should  you decide to go down that route Carole, I would willing provide, wordart,  greeting cards,  quotes, photos, whatever, for you to  use.