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Ann Seeber
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Rene: I, too, started with PSP when it was JASC and took classes from ZDNet, totally focused on creating a web presence for our business, the Warwick Drive-In Theater. I took web design and learned to do a bit of hand coding and then went for Dreamweaver, incorporating PSP for any images. As you said, eventually ZDNet ended the cheap classes (under $5.00 per month) and Dreamweaver became more complex and, honestly, beyond my understanding. I never used any of it for personal photos since I used a tiny digital camera that gave me prints that got lost in a drawer somewhere. 😉 (This, obviously, was before the cellphone era came along.) Eventually, we got an offer to have the website done professionally along with a cheaper newsletter blast and we went that route. Since I could add banners and edit it in other ways, I still needed to hone my skills, so to speak. I appreciate the Campus because it keeps me motivated to add to my PSP skills and meet great people here. Carole is a wonderful, patient, talented teacher and I’d never change!