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Rene Marker
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    Ann Seeber I somewhat agree with the google description but there is so much more to scrapbooking than what it says.

    All those photos I had in magnetic page albums were no fun to look at because no one knew what they were about. And, these days most photos are kept on a person’s phone where no one can see them. With scrapbooking, the focus is to tell the story behind the photos, and getting them off the phones/computers. My scrapbooking has taken on many different lanes in the 20+ years I’ve been doing it. Yes, I have scrapped family photos but I’ve also scrapped photos about my friends, my dogs, my vacations and just the beauty of the world around me. I’m doing a project right now just documenting the colors of fall for a period of 31 days. No people are in my photos at all, just the beauty of fall is showing through. I’ve also scrapped photos for family members with the photos they share on FB and I use their words for the journaling. They love the books since this is not something they are interested in doing.

    I’ve researched genealogy in the past but oddly enough, that is not something that I’ve brought into my scrapbooking on a regular basis. I have one album that has that info in it. I’ve got over 70 albums completed.

    As for the campus, yes, I am a scrapbooker. I don’t need to learn how to do that but I did want to learn how to learn the program to do more things in my scrapbooking. I started with PSP in the mid 90’s when it was still a JASC program (before Corel bought them out) and used it to mainly scan old photos but had taken some classes at a website called SmartPlanet that eventually was bought out by ZDNet. Sadly ZDNet cut out the classes after several years (they had so many other classes that I took as well). And, so many things had been added to PSP during the years that I didn’t use or know how to use. So I turned to Scrapbook Campus since I was retired and had the time to spend on learning new things.

    Carole I feel for you in having to come up with something. Right now your home page focuses on scrapbooking. If you want to attract all different kinds of PSP’ers, maybe the home page could be changed to reflect everything available that has been discussed in this thread.