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Corrie Kinkel
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I have registered too! Of course I have and some of you will know that I always have made my own cards one way or the other. I started doing so by using paper and pencils, cutting out embellishments and glueing them on etc. But now in the digital world I make my cards on the computer. I started with Data Becker that no longer exists. After a couple of years I bought my first PSP and from there on the rest is history. I always use my own photos, often of flowers and make my cards from scratch or use a template. I find it very rewarding that I can create cards that are special for the recipients. A couple of years ago I had handsurgery and was in a cast for 2 months, so I couldn’t make my X-mascards as usual. My family and friends understood but were, a year later, very happy to get their cards again!