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Hi, Carole, Sorry I missed this Q & A when it was live. I’ve been really sick and couldn’t make it Sunday. I went to the doctor last February for a yearly checkup (feeling fine and dandy) and have not been well since then!

My question with the key lines, 0:40:03     How to create key lines?

I know how to do key lines, more or less, and appreciate the extra different ways to set them off I hadn’t considered.

my question has to do with the spacing of the key line and the frame opening. I didn’t phrase it well in the original query, thinking the photos asked the question well enough.  I’m making a frame (cutout for a photo) with key lines around it, precisely measured .33” away from the opening. When I try to do it within PSP, I get a rounded corner, not a sharp corner. I want the key line to be exactly .33 inches from the photo opening, no matter where I measure it – corner or straight side.  Photo is located

you showed me once how to do it, it was a convoluted method which I subsequently forgot, but I think it had to do with selecting the opening and then inverting the selection? And then expanding? Or contracting?  Well, I’ve been working in it, but if you’re doing scripts, I think it would be a dern useful one. (it might also have been the opposite…select the key line, invert, then make the cutout for the photo.

basically there are three dimensions to worry about. The outside of the frame. The hole for the photo, and the key line, and I want all the measurements to look sharp and evenly spaced, and on all 4 sides. However, I was also given some advice here from Susan Thomas to put the text on a frame (I think she was talking a Polaroid style frame, but I liked these so well, I want to use them (as a style) instead.  But I can’t just use a purchased frame.  If my photo is the wrong size, bigger, wider, shorter, then resizing makes the horizontal key lines a little fatter than the vertical..let’s just say the frames have to be bespoke for the photo and amount of text I have to use.

basically I want to make the frames in the picture, but in different dimensions to fit my pics.




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