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Corrie Kinkel
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Monique thank you so much and yes the cover is the template that belongs to this workshop, although I changed it somewhat. That’s what I often do with templates to have them more the way I want them to look with my photos.

Of course I can order printingpaper online, but last year that didn’t work very well. The paper that I wanted wasn’t available and the alternatives were not suitable for my printer. The paper that I could get was either to thin for a calendar that has to be hanged on the wall or it was to thick for my printer. Besides that I had made a birthday calendar as well so I needed paper on which it is possible to write. Luckely I could cancel the order and in the end there were shops opening where you could come and collect at the door (we were in lockdown at that time).  Nowadays no lockdown but still a lot of things that  isn’t available or cann’t be delivered. I think that I’ll be able to go a bit further a field next week – with my husband who has to drive me and come with me, because outside the house I still have to use those crutches – and see what I can get; there still is time to do so.