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Susan Ewart
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Project 5 – Concentration.

the name is what I needed most this time (concentration).  Something happened that really slowed down my PSP.  I think in making the journaling vector I had a weird blip (PSP was acting weird) and something happened.   Luckily my husband gave me ideas to figure out why (after he did a bunch of CPU tests) and he noticed my file was 1.09 GB…yes that’s Gigabytes!  What the heck.  I ended up having to copy and paste each layer to a new canvas,  it was under a 100 MB’s.  I have no idea what happened.  At that huge size, every click took about 30 seconds to happen.

The photo is mine. The weed/flower is mother nature. The papers/elements are, and fonts are Creative Fabrica and Windows (Carade, Wide Latin, Arial).   this was a ride for sure.