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cindy harris
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Hi All      Hello Ann,

Guess what I dont have the thing either to give me the option to change my font didnt notice that but did this time

I did like you said and I have lots of tools now I can try but still not that box where you can change to other options

like rounded corners 🙁   grrr  I played more right now than ever before in tools, except when Carole has helped me.

Ill ask her to take my compter again  thats how I got a lot of things Straight.   I have learned more than my classes on

computers at AARP IN little rock.  I love Diamond membership I want to be a year member maybe I can. I never had

dreams ect never worked for me just had to always live a day at a time its my only training but I see I can myself branch

out nd trying want to…   thank you going to send Carole a message I see some of my problems are me, some are or will be chased away by Carole lol   I think it straighten up like when you tell a kid iam going to tell your mommy or daddy lol      T H A N K  Y O U