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Susan Ewart
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Oh, this new Palette Maker 2 Script is FUN!  And addicting.  The results are art in itself.  I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy and fast.  Here’s my tests.  I did the default choice 8 colors and choose with the Hex.  Love that it’s on a different layer so I can choose to use the photo/palette with or without the Hex.  Then, I tried 12 and 15, I love the look of more strokes.  BTW I really like the brush strokes.  Another cool thing is it makes a copy of the original photo then makes the palette/photo combo.  But the cool thing is the copied photo is really neat looking. It could also be something to use in a layout.  I didn’t edit my photo’s so they might look a little off colored, my monitor seems a bit on the warm side.  Hoping new monitors come into my life soon.

Thanks for the heads up Lynda.  I don’t use Hex codes, I’d probably leave them off and use the dropper to pick the RGB anyway.  but I will get the un-glitched version because I might one day want to use them (Hex).

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