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cindy harris
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OH Ann, Thank you

I tried and tried I seen it to on Teachers screen but not on mine Ill go show you It used to be there in back

versions but I bought or my son bought me this 2022 for my birthday and said, I am going to

stop hopping in and out of last 3 and try to learn this one.   And its well Ill be back and

t h a n k YOU  ANN SEEBER  and teacher so much I love being in your report makes me so happy I usedto watch

capt kangeroo and I forgot her name right now on, i forgot that name but the Teacher would look

with a magnifiying glass and call ppls names  I never heard mine 🙁  but I heard her say how

to hear have her say it, and I asked my mom she said shut up and never asked again, I was lucky

the shut up was the nicest thing from her,  mostly ild get big moose eggs bumps but I really

wanted ?? is it romper room IDK  but i wanted her to say my name LOL… things kids want.    oaky going thank

You Ann Seeber.    And Teacher I always pay attention to what you tell me  I am justs

not good at reading and stuff but keep trying  this time  a few things but I could follow better than ever

before. 🙂 🙂 🙂