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Susan Ewart
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Thank you, Ann.  Your color combos are always spot on, so this makes me very happy to hear.  They seem to be my go-to colors; Cyan-Blue and it’s Yellow-Red compliment, and also Analogous Complimentary and Split Complementary schemes. Okay, I just love all color, all schemes and all color flows.  Yes, they are just like dandelion fluff but much hardier.  I can move them around without them falling apart.  Recently, I was out in an industrial area one night to shoot the moon and there were ginormous ones like dandelions, that come from the really big prickly weeds.  It was a comical sight; me and hubby trying to manage my camera, tripod, camera bag and two of these big fluff balls, traversing over a dark field full of ground hog holes and into the car.  One got home safe the second one suffered some injury.  They are so big I’m not sure I can shoot with enough depth of field to get it all in focus.