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Susan Ewart
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Project 4 – Busy Bees.

the photo’s are mine from a spent Clematis flower that grows in-between the boards of the fence on my yard and my neighbours yard.  Neither of us know where if came from.  It has really pretty flowers and tries to take over my neighbours lilac.  the little birds like it and the flowers are pretty but we do have to keep under control.  It’s a zombie plant; un-killable, it will probably outlive the apocalypse.

All the papers from Dandelion seeds from Creative Fabrica.  Fonts as well: Adam Melda (days of the week), Maheer Bright (Fabulous), The Hunter (Frazzled) and Arial (windows -To)

I built the page mirrored from the sample because the flowers look like they are looking inward instead of outward.  I like the eraser tool exercise.

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