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Susan Ewart
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Ann, hahaha …Metaverse

Damn the Metaverse, Damn it to hell!  😂

Here’s two questions for the Q&A November Edition.  

Color Space:  I often get this pop up when I’m picking papers from  I just click okay and keep on working as I cant see the difference.  Should I be in a different color space?

Saving Options: When I’m saving I often get a pop up warning for not being able to save …something about limitations, the usual message when we go to save JPG.  This however, is when I’m saving a PSPimage file.  I know when I get that, that my “Version” in the saving options pop up is not correct.  It always goes to PSP 8 Compatible.  I have never knowingly changed it (meaning I could have changed it by accident at some time) or ever owned PSP8.  I change it back to 2022 and it’s good as long as PSP is open.  Next time I open PSP (2022 ult) it’s back to PSP 8.  Carole can you look at the settings in the photo to see if I have something set wrong.  eg.  Is the compression supposed to be on LZ77 compression.

I also noticed today, after I’d being to the Manage workspace yesterday, when I opened PSP it did not load my saved workspace.  When I save the Edit workspace does it not also save the Manage workspace as well so I can go back and forth and not lose a workspace.  Would I need to save the Manage workspace and then load it from File>Workspace>Load Workspace?  (so as not to lose the settings in my Edit workspace.  This could also just be from opening PSP and it didnt fully open correctly.