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I hate when the system eats my post (my long posts!). All my responses from last night have vanished, so I’ll have to combine all the comments from yesterday and today in one post.

Anita (#83341), are you customizing your workspace now to get larger text? (#83406) Beautiful photo of the castle.

Cristina (#83346), glad that you caught a new tip from the tutorial. (#83423) You always find such cute photos!

Ann (#83348), this image would actually need the Perspective Correction tool, not the Straighten tool like I thought. Did you try? (#83356) The Sculpture command uses the same patterns that are available in the Materials palette. With the addition of the bevel, it makes it the closest we can have to layer styles in Photoshop. (#83364) Have you considered adding a box behind the dates for the July page to make the dates stand out more? (#83436) Using photos for the background gives stunning results.

Harmony (#83359), that is a great way to create some consistency between the pages.

Chris (#83360), it is ok. You can keep the templates for later use and the tutorials will be available until the end of the month.

AprilDawn (#83376), that is a great use of a horizontal format for a calendar! (#83408) That rainbow in the background is lovely and complement the photo so well!

Gerry (#83381), great use of a calendar as a memory tool. Glad you could customize it for your mom.

Linda (#83383), yes, calendars can be used as a sort of diary of what has happened during the year.

Susan (#83387), the texture from that effect can’t be on its own layer as it is applied TO the layer. It is like using a sponge on your paint to give it texture. (#83455) Using a gradient for the background gives such an elegant result.

Anne (#83390), it is always a good idea to wait until the end to add shadows, although if you want to add them on a new layer, you are not stuck if you change your mind.

Monique (#83414), did you use the ones from previous calendars or did you draw your own?

Fiona (#83421), great use of the Kerning to adjust the spacing. I agree that sometimes, some character combinations give a strange look in a series.  (#83428) Those boxes behind the dates make the whole page look so different, don’t you think?

Lynda (#83432), you are using wonderful backgrounds for those pages! (#83452) Great idea to add the days of the week. They were not included as the templates were really non-month-specific.

Marie-Claire (#83440), I feel there is a theme to those pages! 🙂 Beautiful colors!

Corrie (#83463), hi!!!! take it easy now!