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Corrie Kinkel
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Yes Cindy, you are right and I’m back home now. Surgery went well but I will need some time for recovery; fysiotherapie is starting monday. I’m feeling okay but very tired because I wasn’t able to sleep last night in the clinic because there was so much light in the corridor, noises and not being able to find a comfortable position in bed. I had still an IV-line and I have a lot of medication for painkilling and I have to inject myself dailey for a month with some thing to prevent trombosis. So I thank everyone for their concern and good wishes. I have looked at all the wonderfull work that is done and I hope that I will get back to making my calendar, but it will progress slowly I suppose. For now I’m off to bed.

Dawn I am so glad it turned out okay for you and I hope you can keep up being here!