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Susan Ewart
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September and October.  I wasnt planning on the using the September image because of the black reflection in the glass but after seeing the template I changed my mind.  I tried so many different colors for the weekends.  White disappeared in some and I wanted it to be readable.  Chose a red version.  I liked the selection, flood fill, reduce opacity.  I didn’t like the frame so on one (Sept) I feather the edge.  That was a hard one to do and found how by accident.  I know we did it in a tutorial some time ago, but I couldn’t remember.  I think though, I like the straight edges of box in October.

Wow, such stunning layouts today.  I like reading about Washington, DC Ann.  And, Carole, when I watch the video, I use full screen and holy wow, it’s tack sharp on the 21″ screen.