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Susan Ewart
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Monique and Fiona, thank you for the kind words.  My heart is singing right now.  Joining the campus has renewed my love of photography, for that I am truly grateful.  (I just sold all my silversmithing tools/supplies so I could buy a new camera…I might sell my older, well-worn husband to get the lens I want 🤪).

Monique, my dad’s side of the family is Scottish. Although I am adopted I consider myself an honorary Scott.  Most people have a hard time saying Ewart (my last name), which sounds like U-ert, we get called EE-wart😂 .  So we used to say, “it’s like “Stewart, without the St., because we aint no Saints….).

Cristina, great layouts and what a great idea with the outer glow.

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