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Ann Seeber
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Gerry: Using the birthday calendar as a visual for your mother is an inspired idea. I made ID sheets for my husband in his final year so he could tell which grandchild was on duty while I went out for errands, etc. The calendar templates this year don’t have the days of the week so I view them as Perpetual Calendars that can be used any year. Perhaps I’ll add the family birthdays. You’ve got my creative juices flowing! 😉

April/Dawn: I’m so glad to see you back and hope you are now feeling well.  I keep a 1300 x 950 template with a black background which is the same as my monitor, for my ongoing projects here. I use a .jpg of it as my desktop background at all times. I do use my Big Cat Calendars as fill-ins when I don’t have a current project. Are those Lorikeets in your calendar? My granddaughter’s zoo has a flock that visitors can interact with and feed. They have gorgeous colors!