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Susan Ewart
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July and August.  Prida 02 Calt is the font for the month and year, days are Prida Em Cooper.  Gradient with Texture from Effects.

Really love seeing how everyone lays out their calendars.  Stuff I had not though of and really like eg. where you place the month, year etc).  Beautiful and interesting photo’s and the textures I’m seeing are so interesting.

April, that’s a great idea for the desktop.

Linda your texture, color and photo are fabulous

Ann, I’m enjoying your Washington layouts, you are making me an armchair traveler.  Wish I could see it in person!

I wish I could comment on everyone, they are all so enjoyable to look at. With every visit to the forum I see something I want to try.

I also like the challenge of making the photo’s fit the mask, it’s exercising my creativity and problem solving abilities.