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Cindy (#83262), it looks like you fixed the issue of the black and white image.

Susan (#83266), sometimes, going out of your comfort zone is a way to experiment and maybe find something new you will like. What font did you use for the months?

Anita (#83270), drop shadows on a new layer have always been linked to the layer it is shadowing. Wasn’t it doing that in other versions for you?

Ann (#83273), it is great when the theme of the calendar has a particular meaning. (#83317) Have you considered straightening the painting image? Based on the mirror in the back seems obviously angled.

Gerry (#83284), do you have enough people with birthdays in each month?

Cristina (#83287), is that an overlay on the background layer? I like that font. Maybe one I’ll have to go grab!

Lynda (#83298), that is a good idea to add the days of the week. Since the templates were generic, I could not offer that, but you certainly have a great idea and executed it well too.

Monique (#83309) I am glad to see you tweak the template to make it vertical AND with boxes. A great example of how one can customize a given template to suit their preferences.

Fiona (#83328), yeah, when you copy and paste, it will always be centered in the project. If you want to add a quote, you can easily place it at the bottom if you want. Did you try different locations?

If you have not posted yet, is it because you want to wait until the end? Or are you having any difficulty? Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We are all here to help (24/7, there is someone around!)