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Welcome to everyone who has at least posted something in this thread:

Susan, Ann, Anne, Marie-Claire, Rene, Corrie, Cindy, Gramie, Bonnie, Pirkko, Cristina, Euka, Lynda, Anita, Monique, Linda, Lynn, James, Michele, Fiona, Sue, AprilDawn, Harmony

and a newcomer, Shirl.

Sue (#83155), this is a great start. I know you will make some changes as the workshop progresses. Will we still see more wildlife? (#83200) Since you will have all the templates at the end, you will be able to create more and different calendars if you want!

Pirkko (#83169), it is ok to post unfinished projects if you want. It is up to you. Some people love to share as they go, some prefer to show the end result. (#83190), are those your own photos? They look fun!

Cindy (#83174), I know you will give your 100%, as you always do!

Anita (#83180), any idea of the theme for your calendar?

Susan (#83181), we’ll be happy to see your projects when you come back.

Ann (#83186), what will be the theme? Where do you bring up for a visit? (#83229) Yes, work in progress is what we can expect. And changing your mind too!

Cristina (#83195), those images are so cute and they will make for a fun calendar. Glad you like the new format. It is different than previous years.

Corrie (#83230), it is great that this calendar will have a special meaning to the recipients!

Anne (#83240), flowers are always a great theme for a calendar so we feel like summer is all year-round!

Harmony (#83253), you are correct. I made a mistake. I used the “email template” from last year, and then, the second lesson was about the background. Don’t worry. Even if it is not today, it will be tomorrow!

Lynda (#83258), are those all places you visited?