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Ann Seeber
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Pirkko: Carole says we can post as we go along, even unfinished. Here’s her suggestions –

“Since your pages won’t be completed until the end of the workshop, you have different options:

you can post one page you are working on, every day, as it is progressing
you can wait until the very end to post your pages
you can simply comment on what you are doing on that day, but keep the surprise until the end
The tutorials will cover something you can do, every day, on the same page, so don’t expect any page to be completed after one or two days (unless you skip the tutorials completely!)

Whatever you choose, let’s make sure you don’t stay silent for 7 days!”

Personally, I’d love to see all 12 templates so I could do each lesson as I go along for 7 days. So far, I’ve placed photos in the first two and am waiting for ideas about the background, etc.

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