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cindy harris
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Hi got my email and ready to go!

So excited Hope I can do it going to try 100 percent on it 🙂       Dawn WTG, Glad your good now,  Welcome back

I been thru that 3 times and surgery to remove some but Ok now.    I was the healthiest kid and didn’t do drugs smoke or

ect Take meds.  And I have got a bunch of things happening to me all the time. Right now a Thyroid thing but had a

problem before also.   I am so happy to be here with You all  your the Best Company

<b>Happy to be here going to try H a r d.   I tried the new lab couldn’t even get started been trying to</b>

do that for a couple weeks 🙁    I’ve only don’t one lab  Took me 2 months but did one.   Still trying.