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Susan Ewart
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I’m not sure how to ask this question.  I started making a reg 3600×3600 layout, part way through I decided on something else. To add an outer frame and that would be also the canvas size.  I didn’t know yet what size I’d do that outer frame, so I just made a bigger canvas, shown below.  But I then wanted to make the canvas fit the outer frame.  How do I do that.  I ended up doing a duplicate layout and merging it then used the magic wand to promote it to a layer and I think I saved that layer.  I forget now.  Anway, is there a proper way I should have done it.  or does it even matter.  If I was printing it and left it with transparent space wouldn’t printer still think it’s the size the canvas is and not just the layout in the canvas?

I’ve never done cloning; I’m looking forward to seeing that.

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