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Susan Ewart
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Lab 6-1

  • Puffy Paint
  • Cathedral Window Pattern
  • Wood Frame

Suki is Japanese for the moon and means “having beauty in it’s simplicity”.  I thought that was pretty.

This looks darker on the screen than when I had it in PSP The photo is mine but it’s a composite.  the middle of the moon was white with the really orange edges, but the white overpowered the rest, so I used another moon shot I had of just the moon and put it above the orig shot (with the tree silhouettes) and used darken blend mode to preserve the black in the leaves and fill in the white of the moon below it.  I must remember to check that all the settings are correct, I had a few issues with the puffy paint not looking right at all, I had a box checked that I shouldn’t have.  I was going for a regular scrapbook layout, and I had the frame/photo and cathedral paper on the layout.  I was deciding which papers to use with the cathedral paper when I kind of liked what I was seeing and wanted to do a frame in a frame.  All of it is my work except the font which is Franklin Gothic Book.  the cathedral window paper is really nice and so many options for it.  I need to practice the wood frame more and the puffy paint.

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