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Susan Ewart
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Sue, thanks for the name.  I called it a circle at the bottom, but really, I usually call it another name, resembling the view of a cat with it’s tail up walking away from me.  But I’m a lady and can’t say such words in a forum…ah hem…if I WAS a lady I wouldn’t be looking at the back end of a cat would I?

Rene, I love clouds and the moon, the moody shots are so cool.

Anne, wow, is all I can say!  Okay, I can always say more.  How cool is that to have a “moon” setting.  I think it’s perfectly legitimate to be late for work if you are taking any pictures.  Wouldn’t you agree?  BTW, I have said it before, I love the day moon.  White against blue is so clean and pretty, and with all that light it always seems crisp and sharp.  Yours it wonderful.