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Susan Ewart
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    Here are some moon shots.  I love the moon and the sky and clouds.  I don’t have a long lens for this as I shoot mainly in the studio these days around 35-85mm.  I have a very old zoom lens, not image stabilized and not a sharp lens to begin with.  But I shoot the moon for fun anyways.  My favorite is the “day” moon, when you see it as white against the blue sky.  The layout shown here is from the templates workshop and they are old shots of the moon from when I lived in BC (Canada). Out my front window if you can believe that.  The other two are the same moon seconds apart on Sept 9th around 3:45am when the moon was on its way down.  here’s the funny apart about the color.  I had been shooting in the studio, so I had a custom white balance (5500K approx) set and forgot to switch to auto white balance.  The darker yellow was more accurate for what it actually looked like.  I like the lighter version better as I like the moon when it’s whiter looking, except for the beautiful red ones in this forum.  They are gorgeous!

    Well, aren’t I slow of brain today.  I put up the wrong photo’s, here is the right two, with my oops-I-left-it-on- custom white balance and the camera’s AWB (yellow!  too yellow for me!).