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Gramie, I am surprised that it is giving you a Forbidden message. I have no clue why as others seemed to have been able to find them. But you have a good question about where were the pieces so here are the clues AND the pages where the pieces were (they are still there, as I have not removed them yet):

1-Where can I purchase a copy of the book Tips and Tricks for PaintShop Pro?

Let’s shop

2-Where do I save all those files I downloaded for PaintShop Pro?

Where to save your PaintShop Pro supplies?

3-Can you put my head on Madonna’s body?

How to swap heads with PaintShop Pro

4-I want to watch one master class for free. Where can I do that?

Master Classes

5-Can I use Photoshop brushes (.abr) in Paintshop Pro?

File types you can use with PaintShop Pro

6-How can the guides help me? And where do I find them?

Using guides and rulers in PaintShop Pro

7-What do you know about Cassel and how she started using PaintShop Pro?

The Campus

8-Where can I get free supplies for my projects?


9-How do I get the old Material Properties window in my new PaintShop Pro?

The old ways of using PaintShop Pro

10-Turn me into a silhouette and you won’t see me blush.

Creating a Silhouette

11-My eyes are getting old. How can I adjust my workspace to see better?

Customizing PSP for low vision

12-How can I turn my neighbour into a witch?

Spooky 2

13-Where can I get the supplies to make my own “digital sandwich”?

Understanding Layers

14-I am frozen in front of a blank canvas. Can I generate my own challenge?

Random Challenge Generator

15-What is the next event in the Calendar?

16-What do people say about the Campus and the membership?