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Rene Marker
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I’ve been talking with Susan in PM’s but I’ll post what I told her here as well about my process.

I have 3 copies of every layout I do. A pspimage file, a full size 3600×3600 file and a 600×600 sized file. I have a folder for each type of layout where I save them. Those folders are called “PSP Layout Files”, “Layouts” and “600×600 Files”.

When saving my print size layouts, I always use the jpg optimizer. I never use Save As to do this. In all of the years of scrapping I have found that my 3600×3600 layouts in an uncompressed file are over 49MB in size. My preference size for printing is around 3 to 3.5MB. Using the jpg optimizer I can set the compression value to a value that gets me to that size.  Then when I click OK, it asks where to save the image and uses the jpg file type. This is the file that gets uploaded to Persnickety Prints or Shutterfly for printing.

At this point, I still have my pspimage file open on the workspace since using the jpg optimizer it is not saving over what is on the workspace. I resize the image to 600×600. Then I repeat the process of saving the file again using the jpg optimizer. Only this time I adjust the Set Compression Value amount by seeing what setting brings my image down to a size of between 200 and 250kb. Once I’ve found the size, I click OK, choose where to save the image (my 600×600 layouts folder) and it saves it as a jpg. This is then the file that is used in galleries.

I’ve been posting in galleries for over 12 years and have found this works quite well for me. Using the jpg optimizer is one of the first things I learned to do when I first started using the program. The only time I use “save as” is when I first start a layout to save it as the pspimage file.