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Susan Ewart
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At first I had the normal, “I cant do this” thoughts.  then I just started poking around and found some, and that made me want to keep going.  I also had to look at the clues from not from a narrow focus point of view. I had to broaden what subject was.  eg.  Photoshop brushes I was looking only for “PS brushes” when in fact I needed think more in terms of what is a brush…it’s a file “type”, that led me to “types of files”.  That helped me to realize I was being restricted by my own bias of how I read the clues.  so I started using the search function using different words/phrases and also just going way down in the blog or other areas.  that’s where I found the pieces.  I cant think of any other way you could get us members to look in those areas.  Just telling us to, isn’t going to necessarily get us to do it.  So, if it was a bit painful, the outcome was very satisfying (learning about new things and completing the puzzle).  I will start looking to older blogs (before I joined) as there is a wealth of information; lots that are tutorial and tool based that non-Diamond members could really take advantage of.