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Rene Marker
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Julie First off, you are so close don’t quit!

As for the puzzle pieces you don’t have to do anything to them. If you look at the file name of each piece they will go into the puzzle frame nicely with piece #1 being top left corner, #2 next to it, #3 next to #2 etc with the last piece being the bottom right corner.

Clue #9 has been mentioned multiple times in this thread. Suzy has even posted screen shots where the answer was given in the blog but no balloons. As I told her… go “older”. She was in the right area.

And, from Carole’s post #82583 “– some pieces will be in the blog, but several will be in other sections available through the menu.”

For all those struggling… did you know that there are some tips and tricks available outside of classes and Diamond membership? I didn’t but I do know that now!