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Susan Ewart
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Lynda, love Lucy, all pets are million dollar pets arent they.

Ann, I love your framed works, they look so real.  That is really pretty.

Bonnie, I learn so much and had to laugh at some of Wisdoms of Picklball….Get to the Kitchen/ Stay out of the Kitchen -hilarious.  I really love that Words of Wisdom, it’s very pretty.

Here is a photo layout.  The top 1/2 is the actual top 1/2 of one of the three photo’s used.  The bottom left and right magpies are two separate photo’s and I lined up the power line.  They all kind of look like they are extracted but only the middle bottom magpie is extracted, which was sitting on the green corrugated fence.  I desaturated to make more of a black/white/grey layout and to match the magpies with the crows. I left a touch of blue in the sky.  My friend (since I was 12) is actually 57, the 7 is a joke on our age and also the days of both of our birthdays (7th – different months).  The extraction took a long time, there was stray marching ants everywhere.  It’s the one bird least looking like it was extracted.