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Here is a list of questions I have from last month’s Q&A that I had not had time to cover:

(Suzy) Isn’t there an easier way than placing guides, one by one, every 50 pixels?

(Suzy) How to import abr brushes if you don’t need them all?

(Julie) What about all the buttons above the Layers Palette?

(Julie) There does not seem to be many shapes in my PSP.

(Julie) What is the rule/guideline to (1) promote selection to layer and (2) promote background layer?

(Suzy) With the Random dots tutorial, why not use the Shift key to create a whole line of dots instead of doing them one by one?

(Susan) Is there a difference between Effects > Texture and the Texture in the Materials Palette?

(Anita) How to upgrade PSP, along with all the folders, and not lose anything?

To this list, I will obviously add the questions from this thread too.