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Susan Ewart
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Wow Harmony, you are braver soul than I ever could be.  My stomach is turned just seeing you hanging off that building.

Here is my Day 7.  The image is the poster for the show.  It looks great on my screen but it’s a small image so doesn’t look to good here.  I would translate if I could but I don’t read French.  the funny thing was the director of the gallery wanted me to bring stuff in for sale in the gallery shop.  I needed to be a member and all I needed to qualify as “French” is I had to be able to recite 7 sentences in French… I’m still working on it.  It is a French gallery in the French Quarter of Edmonton, Alberta.

Carole: on the shadowing of the swirl look at the skinny parts.  Is that shadowing okay or should I have pushed it up so it touches the swirl?