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Petra (#81900), don’t worry about being behind. You can always continue.

Gerry (#81908), friendship through the years!

Lynda (#81912), I guess it is a good thing that it was just a one-time event.

Jannette (#81915), you might want to make a double-page with the photo you are talking about. You can check today’s blog post HERE.

Bonnie (#81917), can I get a piece? I am hungry now! (#81922) That was nice. Too bad she could no longer continue playing with you!

Corrie (#81924), that story of Koko made me smile. I can just visualize the scene.

Harmony (#81927), even if it is not a childhood story, it is still a meaningful one.

During this Workshop, I really felt like we were all sitting around the living room, each telling stories all night long. Doesn’t that feel like that to you? Let’s keep going. All those stories can be more pages for you to make in the future.