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Ann (#81839), I can see that poster being pretty scary!

Diane (#81842), that definitely counts as a fear. At least, it is a story to share! (#81894) So thoughtful. Isn’t it nice to remember those “minor” stories, that still deserve to be told? We are certainly happy to read those!

Pirkko (#81844), I guess you were ahead of many and ready for the pandemic as it has been quite popular apparently! (#81861) I used to also be afraid of lightning (my mom was), but now, I love them. I taught my kids to enjoy the show while being safe.

Gerry (#81847), a few years ago, my son decided to get some ball pythons and due to some unforeseen circumstances, had to leave his thirteen pythons at our house. I had NO CLUE how to care for them, and although I was not really scared, I was definitely uneasy. I managed to find someone to take them a foster home. My colleague is like you and is terrified. When I told her about the thirteen snakes at my house, she said she never wanted to visit me anymore… just in case!

Bonnie (#81855), I guess it was best for you to not act afraid, but calm and composed.

Jannette (#81858), it is hard when you are a kid as anything CAN be scary, even your own shadow! (#81880) I wish everyone would consider such disagreements behind them as we are so much more similar than different.

Susan (#81859), smell and taste have a very long-lasting memory and I can just imagine that taste/smell! But in addition, who REALLY likes going to the dentist in the first place?

Marie-Claire (#81869), spontaneously, we would use the arrows to change the settings, and the change is always too much, by default. Now, you might play with that setting more.

Lynda (#81871), I am sure an almost perfect game is almost as hard to get as a perfect one! You deserved a t-shirt! (#81875) It would have made for a nice picture… no taste!

Corrie (#81884), that is exactly what I do when I watch a movie that is somewhat frightening (I don’t like those movies): I try to rationalize “how they did that?”

Julie (#81887), some other people will say that when you are not good at sports, you only have arts or music left. You were the other way around!

Even if you have not finished, please continue. There are so many stories we can tell. We can each fill a whole album of stories, at the very least. Let’s keep sharing those, whether for ourselves, our family, or everyone else in this community!