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Susan Ewart
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Here’s a fear that lasted into my 40’s at least.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anti smoker. I don’t care if people smoke (it’s their body and their choice), I just don’t want them sticking their hands in my mouth afterward.   I also have a fear of needles, combine throwing up at the dentist with fear of needles and well, I don’t like dentists.  I still go because I care about my health more than my fear. I’m older now and if I can withstand back surgery I can surely withstand a little needle now and then. Although, I would rather have 100 snakes all over me than get a needle (i like the feel so it’s not a fear)…it’s strange how irrational and yet paralyzing my fears are.

This is the first time I used one kit and one kit only (Jessica Dunn Snow Whispers from Digital Scrapbook).  It was hard.  Title font is Alosia and journaling is Arial.  I did use the kerning and leading.  I like that tutorial, it explained  how to use it nicely.