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Bonnie Ballentine
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Corrie, best of luck with your hip replacement. As difficult as it will be, be sure to do all the rehab…that makes all the difference. I’ve had friends who would not do the rehab and they were not much better after the surgery. My friends who stuck with the rehab are like brand new.  The social aspect is one of the reasons I enjoy sports so much…

Gerry, you and I share the same fear. I think I saw that movie…the ending was disturbing. I don’t think you will like my page very much…I’m sorry…but it is near the end of the challenge…so you can just skip by it and not have to return to this page but once or twice more.

I got stuck on the foood page so I skipped it for now and went on to my fear. Last night as I was unable to sleep, I thought of a topic for the food page…now to find the time to do it!…and the page for today…good deed.