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Diane Lochala
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Day 6 about childhood fear, I don’t remember being afraid of very much. We lived in a rural community of aunts, uncles, cousins, and family. I knew I would not be able to fit the story on the page. There was one time that was terrifying, though! My mom and dad inherited several acres of land that had a creek with an artesian spring at the very back. They spent about a year building a lovely frame house. It had the most beautiful fireplace and oh how my mom polished those hardwood floors! When I was about five years old during one season it had been raining for several days. My dad woke one night to people banging on our door. When dad jumped from the bed he landed in a foot of water! There was a rescue team from the community there with boats to take us out of the house. I was so terrified!

I used several elements and techniques, especially the kerning, leading, and warp text. ps_commons_dawn-prater_188815_layered-page-template-white-space-3_pu; ps_commons_sonya-stover_241312_memories-and-stories-frame-cluster1_pu; It was a fun workshop for learning to manipulate text!